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Product Info. Current Projects

My products and designs can be bought on amazon store i.e. artwork, t-shirt, etc.  

Limited Edition (Signed copies)

At present limited editions are available here on my big cartel store.

My Current Book Titles - Ideal for 3+ 

George- The World's Most Flexible Bird (Educational Book - Vocabulary builder)

Little Bee's Favourite Job
(Fictional Book)

Jacob- Are Dreams Real?
(Educational Book - Basic numeracy builder)

Gilbert- The Leaping Giraffe
(Fictional Book)

Beng- The Sleepy Frog
(Educational Book - Animals and their homes)

Current projects: 
I am currently working on a few new projects. At this present time my focus is on Children's Books and Apparels. Do follow me on my social media platforms to be informed of any future announcements and new releases.